Terms and Conditions

Company/we/our/us and more likely words are being used here for Bluefox eSports and at the other end, users and visitors words are being used to introduce the users and readers.

This informative page contains the information related to terms and conditions for the visitors of the website and our app. We request you to clear your doubts for our gamming site by reading it carefully and in case, if you don’t believe or agree upon these terms then, it is suggested not to proceed with our gaming website. It is advisable to check out information after a time frame so that you can re-check the terms and conditions to get instant updates. Obviously these conditions are connected to the app and website so; it becomes high end crucial to follow them.

Where the content is being used

Every small to crucial thing connected to the website is under our authority. Names, signatures, shapes, labels, logos, headings, and relative entities are being associated or owned by our firm. It is suggested not to use these entities without getting our permission and so our terms and conditions say the same. Publically or privately, we are not distributing these contents to modify or being used. Without any permission, it can’t be re-written or re-posted for commercial and individual usage.

Acceptable Website Use
(A)Security Rules

Any attempt to violate the website’s security is not accepted, however you are not limited for:

  • accessing data for which you are authorised to do so through server entry or via website
  • attempting to test or scan the network and system vulnerability to check out the authorization from related measures if allowed
  • trying not to indulge in the interference with or without network or host through entry of virus or "Trojan horse". It can be done to the Website via actions like “overloading”, "flooding", "crashing", or "mail bombing" or
  • sending authorized electronic mails that may not include promotions via advertising of outside services or products. No violations in network and its security are acceptable as it comes under legal destructions. Law enforcement authorizations will always be active for your security.
(B) General Rules

What more users and visitors cannot do if having mindset to destroy, transmit, or share the related materials:

  • Any material that holds offensive content towards encouraging violation of rules and regulations.
  • Any entity that holds destruction for trademark, copyright, and related intellectual properties, no matter that is private or public
  • Any entity not allowed if it is related to threatening aspects and shows some abusive things

Any kind of actions or claims or damages or losses to be claimed from our company towards users while they use our objects over websites are being done by that user only. This is a loyal and legal even harmless bond between us. So, this term will have to be followed by our users without any discussion.


Not any kind of foundations are there over Company or its related groups or directors or companies if any of exemplary damages are being faced by users. Such changes may be accidental which can show unwanted changes and damages through transmissions of data or information or content mentioned over the website, but not accepted. These resources are wholesale prosperity of our company so such damages are not being entertained by our firm anyhow in any manner.

Users also need to be agree upon that company may interrupt/terminate/change/suspend any entity connected to the website or app when it is required without any notification sent to the users. Such things are not limited and not unauthenticated. At the end, the company says that they are not liable for any kind of extension or loss made due to required changes in rules.

Disclaimer of Consequential Damages

However, any event taken place through the connected parties/organizations/parties of the company, be it is mentioned over website or posted somewhere in the pages will not be any responsibility of company and those entities. It may make user unable to use the data or business information. Contract and legal theories of the company always keep sense related to such damages which cannot be paid by connected parties of the company/website.