How to Join PUBG Game Custom Rooms?

The PUBG matches through BlueFox eSports are being played in a custom room allotted to the particular player. For new players, it is an obvious query that how to get an entry in the custom room. To clear the doubt, one may need a guidance which we are sharing here underneath:

Such kinds of games are something which can be played in a group of players where they are competing with one another. BlueFox eSports is also one platform where matches are being executed. At one time, 100 players are allowed to join and play together in custom rooms. Every room has its unique identification as ID and password. Specific players are being allotted with specific BlueFox eSports custom room.

Once Room ID & password get allotted to the player, the process enlisted will help you to join the custom room:

  1. Open the mobile Game by BlueFox eSports afterwards it will be loaded to the Home Screen.
  2. Match Making Options on the top screen will show you Home icon. Click to it. (You can better understand through image)
  3. PUBG Custom Rooms and the search option will be seen together on top left corner of the screen. You need to type the PUBG Custom Room ID in the search bar within the BlueFox eSports app game.
  4. Once you have entered through Enter button then you will see “the Room is Protected” with a given Password Input Pop-up. You need to enter Room Password you are allotted from BlueFox eSports App. Now press “Enter Room” tab.
  5. With all these steps now you are in the PUBG Match Custom Room. You can change your Position if needed. It will be done as per the demand of your Team. Now you need to wait when the game gets started.

In this way, you can get the password and ID of custom room entry so that it will allow you to get an entry to play the game. We wish you good luck to play well and score best!